Saturday, February 7, 2009

Since almost a year for me to post new Blog. In South Carolina, climate seem getting warm with short winter like couple months. We Deaf Disc Golf of South Carolina will host 3rd annual Bloomin Days Disc Golf tourney on April 3 and 4, 2009. We will held our tourney in same Disc Golf course (Trophy Lakes course) in Johns Island, SC. PDGA members and others called Trophy Lakes course "Paradise Disc Golf course in S.C.".  I cant say any more about that course, Y'all have to come and check it out. 
Finally, here's flyer of Bloomin Days III

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Bloomin Days II Result

Bloomin Days II Result

Open division 1st R 2nd R Final 5 Total Prize

Dain Sivak 58 59 13 130 $200
Roger Roe 66 64 17 147 $140
Tony Pert 67 63 18 148 $90
Cliff Willer 63 68 23 154 $40
Steve Carey 68 66 134
Jason Spadling 78 75 153
Romeo Lentini 73 DNF DNF

Women open division

Charie Crick 64 63 127 $100
Tamara Majocha 69 71 140 $50
Mary Magee 78 84 162 $25

Advanced division

Ron Riddle 70 59 129
Keith Siegel 63 68 131
Josh Joseph 67 71 138
Bill Myers 72 70 142
Lee Barnes 77 75 152
John Murphy 76 DNF DNF

Intermediation division

Steve Nasukiewicz 63 57 120
Jonathan Grossfeld 61 61 122
Joey Danno 65 61 126
Tony Seidel 70 64 134
Andy Taggart 73 74 147

CTP 1st R 2nd R Prize

Open Dain Dain Disc
Women Mary Tamara Disc
Adv Ron Josh Disc
Int Steve Jonathan Disc

Amateurs Prize List will be announce this week

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bloomin Days II flyer

CLick this image to extract for you to read clear

Hello Disc Golf Community-
Ron Riddle Jr and I are hosting our 2nd annual Bloomin Days disc golf tournamet for deaf disc golfers here in Charleston, SC.
We are in help of sponsors who are willing to donate 2 to 4 discs and/or other disc golf accessories for our amateur prize winners.
We are grateful of our disc golf community nationwide that who are ready to help other disc golfer fellows.
You are very welcome to ask questions. Please do not hestiate to ask!
Discfully yours,
Ron Riddle Jr- President of Deaf Disc Golf of South Carolina
Josh Joseph- Vice President of Deaf Disc Golf of South Carolina

P.S. We will take pictures and video on our tournament course's hole by hole this weekend. We will post it next week, also we will make Vlog to give you more details on our tournament. check it back next week. I will update this on forum next week.